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While Cuba is not in the surfing big league... some good quality waves can still be found in the right season. I have spent a number of years surfing here and found that if you can be in the right spot at the right time you can get some great waves for yourself

The eastern end of the island is the most constant with the best months being late September, October, November and December. With northeasterly fronts travelling down the length of Cuba which in turn forms good surf on the northern shores. Combined with large tropical storms in the Caribbean sea providing good ground swell and this also gives the Guantanamo province the best surf in Cuba.

Yumuri, 30 Klm's east of baracoa has the best right in cuba with rio duaba rights and lefts and on the southern coast. Play Mar Verde, Bella Pluma, Playa Verraco in Santiago De Cuba Province all have good rights and lefts but work the best when there is a tropical low in the Caribbean.

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